About Us:

PR is a vital component to every marketing/performance campaign

A publicist solicits journalists to write or broadcast stories about a product/service/company/artist, etc. PR is used to introduce or hype a product/service/company to your target audience. The odds of a consumer making a purchase are greater if they read about it in their favorite music or pop-culture magazine. PR keeps consumers and peers informed of product and company developments via stories in the trade press, magazines, newspapers, on-line press and broadcast media. PR is used to create a positive or intriguing image for your product/service/company.

Why "Two for the Show Media"?

Two for the Show Media offers special, one-on-one attention to your needs and campaigns. Our experience includes PR, concert promotion, journalism, artist development, management and musical instrument marketing, which gives us a clear marketing edge. We have established media contacts and we have the ability and know-how to effectively translate our clients' goals.



• Compose effective written materials (bios, 1-sheets, press releases, pitch letters)

• Execute product servicing

• Strategic planning of your publicity campaign

• Story placements: newspapers, magazines, television, radio, on-line, newsletters

• Concert and music reviews, profiles and photo placements

• Tour publicity

• Constant updates letting the artist know the progress of their campaign every step of the way.

• Secure "Digital Distribution Media Pages" included on all campaigns that allow the artist to service hundreds of more contacts at no additional cost.