Frequently Asked Questions

1- When you say the “client covers all shipping costs,” what does that mean?

The artist always covers the postage costs. Generally, the postage alone can run anywhere from $750 to $950 aside from fee. This of course depends on the amount of CDS you are working with. The other two additional costs are envelopes and printing costs. After the campaign starts there are no other fees to speak of. No campaign will start without first fee and postage paid in full.

2- Although I am setting up a CD campaign, does Two fort the Show Media promote any and all live performances during the campaign?

Absolutely! We want to make use of as much as we can from the process of the campaign. A CD release performance gives the media contact an opportunity to see the artist perform. This is a clear opportunity for the campaign to grow. So, YES we handle all publicity for upcoming shows as well.

3- Does Two for the Show Media service International media outlets?

Yes, we do. There of course is a different postage set up for this market. We discuss details in our first call.

4- Does a Two for the Show Media representative attend all performances?

We do not! Of course if certain important media is attending, we will absolutely be there. This also does not mean that we do not attend performances. It is something that is based on the office schedule, along with the fact that our offices are 2 hours out of New York City.

5- Does the campaign conclude after 3 months?

It does not. In today’s media world the incredible amount of material that they receive just does not allow everything to be finalized in a three-month period. The three-month period is to pitch the project to every outlet possible. Generally, we are with you for at least 6 months. No invoice after 3rd month.

6- What if I have a connection in the media business? Can I share that with you to service?

By all means yes. The idea of a publicity campaign is to gain as much as we can as a team. Yes, there is a publicity person set in place, however connections are connections. If the artist can help, by all means please do.

7 - Do I have to pack out the campaign?

You do not pack the mailer. Two for the Show Media packs everything for you.

8 - What is the refund policy?

In the world of publicity, there are no guarantees. If you commit to a campaign with Two for the Show Media, you are responsible for the agreed fee in full regardless of the campaign response. (Signed Agreement is required to start campaign)

9 - Is there any truth to the “No Shrink Wrap” policy on promo CDS?

YES! Please make sure that when you place your order for CDS, you ask the manufacturer to allocate the number of CDS you are using for promo, to be packed without shrink wrap.
If this is not done there is $50 fee to remove all shrink-wrap in our office.

10- How do I get the CDS to your office?

One of the easiest and cost effective ways is to have the promo cds sent directly to our office from the manufacturer. This is not a problem for them.

11 - Do I receive a list of who has received the CDS, even if it’s just the names?

Unfortunately we no longer release any of this information. This is in respect to the media corp. that requests we do not release their information in any capacity. No lists will be granted to clients. If you have a question regarding a specific contact, we will of course answer any questions to clarify campaign details, and to make sure your requested contacts have been serviced.

12 - Is a Two for the Show Media representative available on the weekend?

Our office is closed from Friday at 5pm till Monday at 9 am. Of course if there is an urgent matter on the weekend, email us with the word “Urgent” in the subject area. Please make sure it is urgent, and if can wait till Monday, please do so.

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